This app has the following features.

1) No Advertisement - This app has zero advertisement and popups, which means no more interruptions while using the app. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2)Two-way-Dictionary - English to Nepali Dictionary and Nepali to English Dictionary. We have included a detailed meaning, speech, synonyms, and examples too.

3) Offline Support - More than 140,000 + offline words is included for word translation. No internet connection required

4) Online Translation - If you can't find a word with offline search, try an online search.

5) Widget Support - Do you like to keep a search widget to quickly translate? We got you covered.

5) Favorite List - Add words to your favorite list so that you can learn and review them anytime.

6) Pronunciation - Having trouble with the pronunciation? Tap the play icon to hear the correct pronunciation. UK and US speech supported.

7) Copy & Share Words - Copy and share a word to your friends easily.

8) Word Quiz - Play word quizzes and expand your knowledge.

9)Camera Scan - You can translate English to Nepali by using your camera. No more typing.

10) Learn New Words - Learn new Nepali words very easily. Your learned words will be saved and you can review it later.

11) Search History - You can access your search history everytime.

12)Learn Nepali - You can learn Nepali by reading commonly used Nepali phrases, noun, conversation starter and more..

13)Learn English- You can learn English by reading commonly used English phrases, noun, conversation starter and more..

13) Learn To Speak English - You can learn to speak English by taking several speaking lessons. You can hear how it is pronounced and you can test if you pronounced correctly.

14)Chat & Learn - You can chat inside the app. Chat with other English and Nepali learners and improve your language skill very easily.